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Get Psychotherapy Support During the COVID-19 Pandemic Via our Telehealth Service

When you’re battling anxiety, depression, or other stressful feelings, it’s easy to withdraw and isolate. Add in the current COVID-19 orders to hunker down and stay home, and it’s tempting to crawl under the covers and hide for weeks. But that will only exacerbate these problems. 

Instead, reach out for professional help. Here at Abbey Neurodynamic Center, our experienced neuropsychology team is offering remote psychotherapy sessions so you can access professional care and support via technology, from your own home.

We provide online HIPPA Compliant virtual sessions for adults, teens, and children. Telehealth is often be reimbursed through Insurance. Nearly 100% of health insurance companies cover the cost. In today’s COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, it has become essential. Inquire to see if I can accept your plan or if you are eligible. 

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth, also known as telemedicine, is healthcare that is delivered remotely through technology, usually including video chat capability. 

Telehealth was created to enable doctors to “see” their rural patients from afar. This proved a boon for the 20% of Americans who live so far away from their doctor that they have no easy access to routine or emergency care. Only about 1 in 10 primary care doctors serve people living in the rural parts of the country. Access to specialists is even rarer. 

These days Telehealth is expanding greatly and is now available to almost everyone and is widely supported by the medical community. More than 75% of U.S. hospitals offer Telehealth for many of their patients. Telehealth patients have continued to nearly double annually for the past decade, with some 8% of U.S. consumers have tried it.

Benefits of Telehealth

Health care professionals aren’t the only ones who champion the concept of Telehealth — more than 80% of people who have tried it say they are extremely pleased with the experience and point to convenience as the number one reason for choosing this virtual-visit method. Telehealth offers many benefits:

As a Telehealth patient, you will receive the same compassionate, thorough, professional care as those who visit us in person. So if you have a health concern and would like to take advantage of our Telehealth services, call us at (650) 215-6840 to set up an appointment, and we’ll “see” you soon.

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