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Movement Technology

Abbey Neurodynamic Center

Wellness Center located in Palo Alto, CA

To improve your overall athletic performance, recover from training, and prevent injuries, licensed clinical neuropsychologist Richard Abbey, PhD, and his team at Abbey Neurodynamic Center in Palo Alto, California, have solutions. They offer modernized movement technology for training and recovery, such as Vasper™ cooling, cardio, and compression technology and cyclic variations in adaptive conditioning (CVAC). Schedule an appointment with Abbey Neurodynamic Center over the phone to learn more about innovative ways to train or recover from intense exercise.

Movement Technology Q & A

What is movement technology?

Movement technology uses modern equipment to optimize your body’s recovery after intense physical training. It’s often used in athletes to enhance athletic performance and reduce your risk of sustaining an injury. Using movement technology helps increases strength and endurance.

What are examples of movement technology?

Examples of movement technology available at Abbey Neurodynamic Center include:

Vasper system

The Vasper system uses a 22-minute cardio session enhanced by compression, liquid cooling, and high-intensity interval training. The technology helps boost strength, decreases inflammation, and improves cardiovascular endurance. It enhances energy, mental focus, and sleep and builds lactic acid for more efficient exercise with less wear and tear on your body in half the time.

Cyclic variations in adaptive conditioning (CVAC)

CVAC uses a high-tech pod to change air pressure and temperature to mimic physical conditioning without stress on your body. It helps your body adapt to changing environments, facilitate recovery after workouts, and prevent injuries. CVAC builds stamina, improves detoxification, enhances sleep, and boosts oxygen-rich blood cells during and after each 20-minute session.

Adaptive resistance exercise (ARX)

ARX uses computer-controlled and motorized resistance training to achieve a precise level of resistance training during each 20-minute workout. ARX produces safe, efficient muscle building and strength training for athletes and even improves heart health.

Joovv™ red light therapy

Joovv red light therapy enhances skin recovery, muscle recovery, and fat loss. Full body near infrared light therapy works at a cellular level to boost mitochondrial function, enhance thyroid function, reduce inflammation, improve skin health, optimize sleep, enhance muscle recovery, reduce joint pain, and restore testosterone levels.

Which type of movement technology is right for me?

Your Abbey Neurodynamic Center provider reviews your medical history and symptoms and completes an exam to determine which types of movement technology best matches your personalized needs. They may also use previous imaging tests, such as X-rays or MRIS, and recommend more than one treatment to give you the most desirable outcome.

Don’t let an injury or poor muscle recovery sideline you from sports when advanced, modernized equipment is available to optimize training at Abbey Neurodynamic Center. Schedule an appointment over the phone to learn more.