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Strength And Conditioning

Abbey Neurodynamic Center

Wellness Center located in Palo Alto, CA

Strength and conditioning helps promote anti-aging, improve cognitive abilities, and reduce your risk of injuries. At Abbey Neurodynamic Center in Palo Alto, California, licensed clinical neuropsychologist Richard Abbey, PhD, and his team offer numerous strength and conditioning techniques using advanced technology to improve physical and cognitive function in adults of all ages, including older adults. Schedule an appointment with Abbey Neurodynamic Center over the phone to learn more.

Strength and Conditioning Q & A

What is strength and conditioning?

Strength and conditioning at Abbey Neurodynamic Center involves using the most advanced, innovative, neuropsychology techniques to improve strength, aerobic endurance, and brain function that can diminish with age. Older adults are especially at risk and may benefit from routine cognitive and physical strength and conditioning.

What are the benefits of strength and conditioning?

By participating in strength and conditioning at Abbey Neurodynamic Center, you can reap the following anti-aging benefits:

  • Improvements in memory
  • Faster injury recovery
  • A lower risk of falls
  • Reductions in cognitive decline
  • Enhance creativity
  • Increases in physical strength and endurance

Strength and conditioning training helps improve overall physical and cognitive functioning to improve your overall quality of life.

What should I expect during treatment?

Prior to strength and conditioning training at Abbey Neurodynamic Center, your practitioner reviews your medical history and symptoms and completes an exam. 

They may use imaging, or other diagnostic tests to determine if you have a disease, injury, or cognitive impairment. Your doctor uses this information to personalize a treatment plan just for you that might include:

Functional training

Functional training involves basic strength, balance, and flexibility exercises that increase overall body functioning and reduce your risk of falls and other injuries.

Movement technology

Movement technology uses advanced equipment to train your body for strength, a better mind-body connection, endurance, and heart health without the stress of traditional workouts. Movement technology enhances muscle recovery and helps prevent injuries.


During neurofeedback sessions, EEG sensors record your brain’s activity while you learn. You receive positive reinforcement during sessions to train your brain for improvements in overall cognitive functioning and new neural connections. 

Vision training

The Abbey Neurodynamic Center vision training program combines neuropsychology and vision exercises to enhance your visual system and improve overall brain function. This noninvasive technique improves brain processing, balance, hand-eye coordination, depth perception, peripheral awareness, and spatial relations without taking medications.

Light therapy

Light therapy uses near infrared light to improve thyroid function, promote fat loss, reduce inflammation, aid in muscle recovery, enhance skin health, and optimize sleep in adults of all ages.

Don’t let a weak mind or body increase your risk of cognitive or physical decline associated with aging. Be proactive and schedule strength and conditioning sessions with Abbey Neurodynamic Center over the phone today.