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Abbey Neurodynamic Center

Wellness Center located in Palo Alto, CA


About Abbey Neurodynamic Center


Abbey Neurodynamic Center is a wellness center located in Palo Alto, California. The practice was created by licensed neuropsychologist and former Stanford faculty member Richard Abbey, PhD, who is also the founder of Abbey Neuropsychology Clinic.

The experienced neuropsychology staff at Abbey Neurodynamic Center uses the latest advancements in neurotechnology to deliver personalized, integrative, and highly efficient services to help patients enhance their eye-mind-body connection.

The Abbey Neurodynamic Center team believes no patient should accept limitations in functioning. Their state-of-the-art technology measures and tracks body functions, improves cognitive performance, quickens visual tracking and accommodation, boosts recovery, reduces inflammation, enhances creativity, optimizes muscle development and sports performance, and much more.

The multi-modal training approach at Abbey Neurodynamic Center helps patients of all ages and abilities reach levels not possible with traditional therapies. They treat concussions, learning disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism spectrum disorders, social communication disorders, balance problems, focus issues, and more using advanced neurodynamic therapies to modernize health and take the stigma away from brain injuries.

The Abbey Neurodynamic Center team goes beyond where conventional treatments stop. They focus on breaking barriers, harnessing innovation, advancing creativity, and celebrating each patient’s cognitive individuality to enhance the brain-body connection. Patients thrive at Abbey Neurodynamic Center. Schedule an appointment over the phone or online today.


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We focus on these 4 main principles:

To break barriers, harness innovation, advance creativity, and celebrate your cognitive-individuality.

Vision Training


Vision is our most dominant sense. Approximately 80% of what we perceive and understand about the world is through our sight. Vision is what lets a soccer player judge the postion of the ball and their speed at exactly the right moment to make a goal. Students use vision to track words across the page, understand that which they read, and direct a pencil across the page to answer questions on a test.

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Executive Function Training


At Abbey Neurodynamic Center in Palo Alto, California, licensed clinical neuropsychologist Richard Abbey, PhD, and his team offer executive function training to enhance brain activity including memory, learning capabilities, and attention. 

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Abbey Neurodynamic Center
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