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Vision Training: What to Expect

Of your five senses, vision is the one you rely on most. About 80% of your learning, cognition, and perception is based on what you visually process. 

Vision isn’t just about what you see. It’s also about cognitive skills like depth perception, hand-eye coordination, spatial relation, concentration, and balance.

That means even if you don’t have vision problems, issues with your visual performance can still have a negative effect in those areas.

At Abbey Neurodynamic Center, our team of expert neurologists offers vision training to help you restore your brain, vision, and physical functions so you can excel in sports, at school, and in life. Here’s what you can expect from vision training.

An in-depth assessment 

When you visit us for vision training, we start with an in-depth review of your medical history and any symptoms you’re experiencing. This includes an exam and an assessment of your vision and cognitive and physical functions. 

This information gives us a good idea of how your visual processing works and which areas need to be improved. Based on this, we can develop a customized vision training plan that includes the exercises and techniques that will be most helpful for you.

Customized training exercises 

Through vision training, we can help strengthen neural pathways related to motor control, balance, and spatial awareness. We can also increase your ability to perceive and process new information. 

We use the most advanced technologies and techniques to help enhance your vision awareness. Some of the many exercises that may be included in your vision training are:

We complete your vision training in our office and may have you do some at-home exercises to further enhance your skill building. 

During your vision training, we guide you through the exercises and increase their complexity as your visual processes begin to improve. 

Results that last

While much of the research done on vision training is specific to sports, these studies have demonstrated the positive effects of vision training as a whole. 

Current studies have shown that regular vision training successfully improves peripheral awareness, reaction times, and hand-eye coordination, resulting in better athletic performance. Research has also shown that rates of concussion can be brought down with pre-season vision training programs.

How long it takes for you to see the results of vision training varies. You may start to see improvements in the first couple of weeks, but as with any training program, your new skills and abilities strengthen the more you practice. We regularly assess your vision training plan to ensure you’re rebuilding neural connections for a lasting improvement.

Whether you’re an athlete looking to improve your sports performance or recovering from a traumatic brain injury like a concussion, vision training can help improve your physical and cognitive performance. For more information about vision training, call our office in Palo Alto, California at 650-210-7131, or send us a message online today. 

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