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Adaptive Resistance Exercise for Athletes

Most athletes would welcome the opportunity to work out less and see quicker results. With adaptive resistance exercise (ARX), you can do just that.

ARX does more than just increase your muscle mass and strength. It allows for more effective workouts that result in fewer injuries. Each workout can even improve your heart health.

ARX is one of the many types of movement technology we offer at Abbey Neurodynamic Center. Using movement technologies, our team of expert neurologists can help you increase your strength and endurance, recover from intense physical training, and prevent injuries.

How adaptive resistance exercise works

When you work out with weights, you control the level of resistance. That means you may put on more weight than you’re ready for, leaving you prone to injury. Or you may not put on enough weight, leading to slower results and inefficient workouts. 

ARX uses a motorized drive system so you get a precise level of resistance every time you do a rep. You don’t ever need to set the resistance; the ARX machine determines the appropriate level of resistance based on your exertion during a contraction.

A computer connected to the ARX machine records your progress so you can track your results and see where you’re making improvements.

What you can do on an ARX machine 

An ARX machine allows you to perform many of the same exercises you’d do on a regular weight machine, but more efficiently. These include: 

Because these exercises can be done without having to reset any weights, and with minimal adjustment time between exercises, you can move through them in a much quicker fashion. Workouts on an ARX machine may be completed in as little as six minutes. 

Making ARX work for you

Everyone from novice athletes to professionals can benefit from adaptive resistance exercise. We look at your medical history and any symptoms you may be experiencing, and we also complete an exam to see if ARX is appropriate for you, or if another movement technology would be better. 

If we determine that ARX is appropriate for you, we set up an exercise plan based on what you’re looking to improve. During your workouts, we monitor your posture, breathing, and body position to make sure you get the most out of your session. 

We’ll set up regular sessions for you on the ARX machine based on your goals and level of fitness. With ARX, you may see results in only minutes per week instead of the hours per week you typically put in at the gym.

If you’re ready to improve your athletic or sports performance, find out if ARX is right for you. Call our office in Palo Alto, California at 650-210-7131, or send us a message online today. 

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